Armand Larive Television

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Armand Larive [LAR-vee] Television, aka ALTV, is the student-produced video program of Armand Larive Middle School (ALMS) in Hermiston, Oregon. ALTV began as a school club in 1997 under the direction of counselor Andy Bowers. The program aired live announcements every Friday on a closed circuit television system. After Mr. Bowers departed in 2010, the program was suspended. No recordings of the original show are known to exist.

In 2012 the program returned as a class elective in a completely revamped format. The new version of ALTV premiered on January 30, 2012, making its worldwide debut on SchoolTube. These weekly shows were primarily a mixture of school announcements, news stories, and sketches.

In late 2013, sketches were phased out, and a greater emphasis was placed on journalism and storytelling. “ALTV” became “ALTV News,” and a live school announcements program was added.

In March 2020, ALTV’s programming schedule was impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Programs were produced remotely through March 2021.

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